Class of 2012

Allen Kacy Jane
Anderson Brittany R
Baker Clayton 
Barcus II Matthew 
Bartram, Jr Bruce NA
Beck Caleb 
Berger Cole R
Calabrese Stephanie
Calderwood Christie
Cox Bryan
Cox Seth
Dreier Crystal  NA
Dye, Jr George
Eckard Cary Anne
Fazio Georgeann
Glasure Cody
Goddard Vance
Gregory Samantha
Griffith Jerrod
Herrick Shawna
Hilderbrand Ciera
Hoover, Jr Scott
Howard  Jazmyne
Johnson Evan
Jones Zane
King Ralph
Larkins Mason
Lewis Meagan
McNutt Megan
Meadows Melinda
Miller Joshua
Mosti Shane
Myers Jessica
Oxier Cory
Palmer Michael
Parsons Chelsey
Piatt Kirk
Piatt Lindsay
Price Emily
Robins Spencer
Saemenes John NA
Sninchak Spenser
Stock Courtney
Sutherin Oliver
Swiger Kaitlyn
Terpenning Alex
Thompson Aaron
Thompson Jacob
Weidger Jeffery
Wollam Blake
Yanik Brittany  
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