Teacher Awards

* The teacher award is given by the Alumni Association to a teacher who is continuing his or her education.  An application and scoring process similar to the student awards is used.

2017 No recipient
2016 No recipient
2015 No recipient
2014 No recipient
2013 No Recipient
2012 No Recipient

Lynne Donahue
Ann Silverthorn

2010 No Recipient
2009 No Recipient
2008 Carol Murray
2007 Sue Davidson
2006 No Recipient
2005 Caryn Bodnar
2004 Nancy Miller
2003 David Ziarko
2002 Ed Weidger
2001 Fred Mehling
2000 Linda Glenn
1999 Christopher Trickett
1998 Ellen Hughes
1997 Kirk George
1996 John E. Weidger
1995 Maureen Taggart
1994 Marlene Graham Wolf
1993 Lisa Besozzi
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